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Спектрофотометрический анализатор раствора красителя SMART LIQUOR

SMART LIQUORВ®, for the analysis and optimization of dyeing processes using the exhaust method. It consists of a high quality spectrophotometer and accessories both for continuous on-line and off-line measurement of individual solutions. The powerful software allows monitoring of up to six dyestuffs at the same time. The system can in principle be connected to any dyeing machine in the laboratory and in production. The system can be configured in different ways according to requirements.

SMART LIQUOR Spectrophotometric analysis of the dye bathСпектрофотометрический анализатор раствора красителя SMART LIQUOR «SL-AZВ»

- Spectrophotometer with USB port for complete spectral analysis from 400 to 700 nm (unfiltered spectrum)
- Up to six dyestuffs can be measured at the same time
- Compensation of the lamp drift for high accuracy and good reproducibility
- Concentration area: 0 to approximately 10 g/l
- 2 calibration modes: relative and absolute
- Data export for table calculation (e.g. MS Excel)
- Calculation of the average exhaust speed for each individual dye
- Calculation of dye compatibility
- Automatic registration and visualization of the process parameters (temperature, flow rate, pH, differential pressure etc.) in conjunction with MATHIS AG UNIVISION Touch S controller


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Brochure «Dyeing»