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Аппарат Мартиндейла MAD-B

Abrasion and pilling test machine type В«MAD-BВ», with six test points to carry out abrasion and pilling tests on textile samples in accordance with the standard Martindale procedure (ASTM D 4966-98: Standard for Martindale abrasion tests, ASTM D 4970-05: Standard for pilling tests, ISO 12945-2: Standard for Martindale (abrasion and pilling tests).

Abrasion and pilling test machine type В«MAD-BВ» Тестер истираемости тканей Мартиндейла «MAD-В»

Технические характеристики

Number of samples 4 or 6
Sample size Гё 41 / 140 mm
Test surface Гё 31 / 94.5 mm
Rubbing cycles 1 – 9,999,999
Abrasion movement «Lissajous→, pilling, straight line
Pressing lever 9 kpa or 12 kpa
Rubbing speed 48 rpm
Dimensions W x D x H 780 x 480 x 390 mm
Weight ~49 kg


Brochure В«DyeingВ»
Brochure «Dyeing»
  Brochure В«MAD-BВ»
Brochure «MAD-B»