Оборудование Mathis для фармацевтики
Transdermal therapeutic plasters and oral film tablets are gaining in importance in the pharmaceutical industry, especially on the generic market. Mathis AG supplies the plant concepts and machines for the production of coated foils. We have also supplied special machines, for example for impregnated foils as a layer matrix. We are sure to have the right solution for your active ingredient which we would be pleased to implement for you ...

Покрытия на таблетках

The film tabs are produced by coating a foil with a dispersion containing the active ingredient under GMP conditions and in a clean room. A suitable process control combined with gentle drying methods is the key to success. The foil with the dried film is rolled up and processed and packed as individual film tablets.

Трансдермальные терапевтические пластыри

To produce TTS plasters, plastic foils are coated with a drug or active ingredient. The active ingredient can then be enclosed in an adhesive of solvent or water for coating. Multilayer coatings are also possible. The coating is applied under GMP conditions and in a clean room and after drying is covered with a protective foil and rolled up. The individual plasters are then punched out of these rolls and packed.

Оборудование Mathis для фармацевтической отрасли

Paste Evacuating Device

Вакууматор и деаэратор паст LPE

This table model can be used when air and bubble free pastes, lacquers etc are required.

LABCOATER with Coating Device

Лабораторная установка Labcoater LTE-SM для нанесения и сушки покрытий

LABCOATER type «LTE-S», the optimum combination of dryer and laboratory coating table. Various kinds of material samples are coated and heat treated in the same run. The coating is applied either by a floating, roller or rubber blanket knife. Multiple coatings which do not require re-loading are also possible.

Continuous Coating Range

Система непрерывного нанесения и сушки покрытий KTF-S

Continuous doctor knife coating with subsequent drying are the basic functions of the «KTF-S». The continuous coating system type «KTF-S» is used where the required sample length makes economic use of a large machine impossible.

Coating System for Production of Transdermal Systems

Линия нанесения покрытий на лейкопластыри BA 16106

Coating system for production of transdermal systems - TTS plasters. The application material, a homogenous solution of active substance and adhesive, is continuously applied to a substrate foil with a slot die. The coated foil runs though a four-zone dryer in which the solvent is thermally removed from the active substance and adhesive solution. The finished laminat ....